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Our Partners

   Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
NetworkZ is funded by ACC as part of its strategy to re-invest in the health sector and deliver better surgical outcomes for patients by reducing avoidable harm.
       Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand (HQSC)
NetworkZ will build on the HQSC team training intervention to improve patient safety. The University of Auckland have recently been delivering communication and teamwork training, implementation and auditor training for the paperless Surgical Safety Checklist.                                  
Auckland UniServices
Auckland UniServices is providing NetworkZ with contract and project management services. UniServices has extensive global experience with multi-partner projects in the health sector.

District Health Boards of New Zealand (DHBs)
The NetworkZ Project team will work closely with each DHB to implement the programme. The intention is to create 'business as usual' multiprofessional team training for peri-operative services.

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