Our expert NetworkZ team delivers immersive simulation training based on real-world clinical scenarios. The programme provides teams the opportunity to perform clinical interventions on life-like patient models followed by debriefing and discussion to unpack the events of the case. The NetworkZ programme has a strong focus on communication skills to enhance teamwork and promote equitable patient outcomes.

"Health care is delivered by teams - teams that work together need to train together to develop team expertise "

Jennifer Weller - NetworkZ Founder

What's Included

Immersive Scenarios

Scenarios are developed with content experts and based on actual cases. The sessions are designed so that staff are best equipped for challenging scenarios


There is a strong focus on communication skills, to enhance teamwork and equitable patient outcomes.


Each session is followed by a debrief to enable participants to reflect on the events, expose assumptions and communication issues, and identify opportunities to improve processes

Human Patient Simulators

These simulators create a realistic scenario where practitioners can fully engage and gain the most educational benefit. The silicone manikins can bleed, respond, be operated on, and more.

Care Settings

Each key setting includes multiple specialties and scenarios to choose from.

How it Works

Register your interest

Let NetworkZ know that your team is interested in organising a training session with our instructors.


Select your team and care setting

Consider the multidisciplinary team to be involved in the training. This may include external healthcare partners. And select the training setting.  


Choose your location and session option

Decide on the scenarios and/or facilitated workshop and the length of the training that will work best with your team and schedules.


Case Study

Our experienced, expert NetworkZ team delivers immersive simulation training based around real-world clinical scenarios. In each scenario, teams perform surgical procedures on lifelike patient models, then debrief and discuss.


What our participants say...

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Additional Services

We can work with you to develop bespoke training scenarios for your teams. We can also consult and deliver workshops on team communication and equitable outcomes.

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